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The SQA-Mobile Testing Course is a comprehensive training program designed for individuals looking to specialize in Mobile Testing tools. It covers both IOS and Android platforms, offering advanced-level training in Selenium WebDriver specifically tailored for mobile applications. Participants will also learn Java and C# programming languages essential for mobile testing. The course includes end-to-end and cross-platform testing, along with GUI emulator testing for Androids. Delivered through live online video conference sessions, this course provides interactive learning experiences with instructors. It’s a one-stop solution for anyone aiming to kickstart their career in Mobile Testing.


This course is tailored for individuals keen on mastering Mobile Testing tools, covering both IOS and Android platforms. It offers comprehensive training on Selenium WebDriver for Mobile applications testing, along with Java and C# programming languages specifically tailored for mobile testing purposes. Here’s an overview of what the course entails:

  1. End-to-End Testing – Cross-Platform Testing:
    • Understanding the concept of end-to-end testing and cross-platform testing for mobile applications.
  2. Main Tools for Mobile Applications Testing:
    • Introduction to the main tools used for testing mobile applications, covering various aspects of mobile testing.
  3. Selenium WebDriver for Mobile Applications Testing:
    • Advanced level training on Selenium WebDriver specifically tailored for testing mobile applications.
  4. Java Programming Language for Mobile Applications Testing:
    • Learning Java programming language essentials required for mobile testing.
  5. C# for Mobile Applications Testing:
    • Introduction to C# programming language for mobile testing purposes.
  6. IOS and Android Testing:
    • Comprehensive training on testing applications on both IOS and Android platforms.
  7. GUI Emulator Testing for Androids:
    • Hands-on exercises and demonstrations on GUI emulator testing specifically for Android applications.

This course offers everything needed to kickstart a career in Mobile Testing, providing a thorough understanding of tools, programming languages, and testing techniques essential for testing mobile applications effectively.

Course Format:

  • The course will be conducted in an online live video conference format, ensuring interactive learning with instructors.
  • No pre-recorded sessions will be provided, allowing real-time interaction and support for students.


  • The offered program can be modified based on the participants’ starting point, ensuring personalized learning experiences tailored to individual needs.

This course equips participants with the skills and knowledge required to excel in Mobile Testing, providing a solid foundation for launching a successful career in this field.


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