Refund and Returns Policy


Effective Date: 2024.03.07

SQA.MBA стремится предоставить нашим студентам высококачественное образование и обучение. Мы понимаем, что обстоятельства могут измениться, что приведет к необходимости отказаться от курса или программы. В этой политике изложен наш подход к возмещению и возврату средств в соответствии с образовательными стандартами и правилами Онтарио, Канады.

Course Withdrawal and Refunds

  1. Notification: Students wishing to withdraw from a course or program must notify SQA.MBA in writing via email .
  2. Refund Timeline:
  • Full Refund: Students are eligible for a full refund if they cancel [03 days] before the start of the course, less a non-refundable administration fee of [$1000.00].
  • Partial Refund: Withdrawal after [01 days] and before [8%] of the course completion may be eligible for a [80]% refund,less a non-refundable administration fee of [$1000.00].
  • No Refund: No refunds will be issued after [8%] of the course has been completed.
  1. Non-Refundable Fees: Application fees, administrative fees, and any other specified fees are non-refundable.

Material Returns

Materials, textbooks, or equipment provided as part of the enrollment must be returned in original condition within [X days] of withdrawal for a refund to be processed. The cost of unreturned or damaged items will be deducted from the refund amount.


Refund requests will be processed within [specified number] of business days after receiving the withdrawal notice and, if applicable, the returned materials. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method.


Exceptions to this policy may be considered on a case-by-case basis for extenuating circumstances, such as medical reasons, with appropriate documentation.

Contact Information

For questions or notifications regarding withdrawals and refunds, please contact:

[Contact Information]

This policy is subject to change in accordance with Ontario’s educational regulations and laws. Students are encouraged to review the policy periodically.

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