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  • Enhance your software testing skills with our Automated Software Testing Tools Course – SQA A, designed for manual testers ready to advance into automation. This 28-hour course, spread over 14 sessions, offers expert training in HP QTP (UFT) and Selenium WebDriver. Gain hands-on experience with VB and Java scripting, dive deep into automated testing frameworks, and prepare for QA roles with targeted interview preparation. Delivered live online by seasoned instructors, this course equips you with the essential skills for a successful transition to automated testing. Enroll now to transform your testing career!

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Unlock your potential in software testing with our transformative Automated Software Testing Tools Course – SQA A. This detailed program is specifically engineered for professionals who have a background in manual testing and are looking to transition into automated environments using top-tier tools such as HP QTP (UFT) and Selenium.

Course Details:

  • Duration: 28 hours divided into 14 comprehensive sessions, each lasting 2 hours.
  • Structure:
    • Sessions 1-5: Get to grips with the foundations of automated testing through practical use of HP QTP/UFT.
    • Sessions 6-11: Deep dive into Selenium WebDriver, exploring its integration and utility in complex testing scenarios.
    • Session 12: Focused interview preparation to effectively position you for competitive QA roles.
    • Sessions 13-14: Wrap-up with advanced scripting techniques in VB and Java, ensuring you have a robust set of skills to handle a variety of testing tasks.

This course is designed not just to inform, but to transform, with a curriculum that brings manual testers up to speed with the latest automated testing practices. Each session is delivered live online by expert instructors, providing real-time feedback and interactive learning experiences that ensure comprehension and retention of material.

Ideal for those looking to sharpen their testing skills, this course emphasizes practical experience and industry relevance, preparing participants for immediate application of their new skills in real-world settings.

Key Benefits:

  • Hands-on learning with current testing tools.
  • Real-time instruction and interactive sessions.
  • Practical, job-ready skills in automated testing.
  • Customized learning paths to suit different skill levels.

Enroll now and make a significant leap in your software testing career with our expertly crafted Automated Software Testing Tools Course – SQA A.


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