Software QA Analyst Course – SQA General starts in February 2024


Software Testing/QA Analysis training is in high demand in Canada right now. The course covers both Manual and Automated Testing. It covers also both Front-End and Back-End testing!
The course is hands-on and based on Real Life Projects.
Students will be connecting to the real QA environment and will be participating in both Manual test cases and automated scripts creation.
Selenium Web Driver – Java etc.



  1. Sverige Apotek

    I recently completed the SQA Analyst Course at Software QA Training Centre.
    The course included everything you need to get a job: Real life Financial app, real projects, all tools including Selenium Web Driver.
    They sent me for Interview and I got a Placement from the first interview!!
    I am so lucky and thankful that I choose the Software QA Training Centre to learn Software Testing!
    Thank you guys for excellent job done!!

  2. Azar

    The Software QA Analyst course in this facility is based on real life projects, which is very helpful for understanding the QA procedures.
    Teachers are very professional and the course includes everything you need to be competitive in QA market.
    I got a job after 1 month of completing this course.
    Thank you very much!

  3. AAssotsjaimi

    I recently finished the Software QA Analyst course with Software QA Training Centre.
    They helped with the resume preparation, projects and interview.
    They helped me with the placement!
    And Now I am starting a new career as Software QA Tester in the big insurance company.
    Thank you very much!
    I really recommend this facility- They are honest and always delivered their promises.

  4. raja

    The training helped me a lot with my understanding of Software QA both Manual and Automated.
    The facility helped with my resume preparation and interview questions.
    They fully prepared me for the interview and I felt very confident during the interview.
    They sent me for interview to their contact companies and I got a job!
    This is amazing!
    Thank you very much for your help!

  5. Larisa

    Best QA course in Toronto: Practice and real projects.
    I liked the way they are teaching.

  6. Denbanna

    Thank you very much!!!
    I have found a job!!!

  7. Stephanie

    Thank you
    Three days ago I finished QA software tester courses. Today I have already received interview invitations from two companies.

  8. Jacy

    Thank you very much for training as a software tester. Three days ago I had two online interviews and both companies offered me a job.
    I took an individual training course. Much more convenient than in a group, you can change the schedule, etc.
    Not much more expensive and I thought a one-to-one course was better for me.
    The teachers are very professional and explain the material very well.
    Thank you!!!

  9. Natalia

    Fantastic website. Plenty of helpful info here.

    Thank you very much for your training program that helped me find a job.

    I am sending it to several buddies.

  10. Avon

    Thank you for allowing me to complete this course.

  11. Naomi

    Hi, very nice website, cheers!

  12. Regina

    Thanks for the awesome referral!

  13. Virtual


  14. Rajkumar

    This institution has very professional teachers!
    I learned a lot there!
    At the end of the course, they helped me with job placement!
    Thanks for all.

  15. Meadow


  16. Milana

    I completed the Software QA Analyst Course – October 2020 – Software QA Training Center.
    They made me work a lot.
    A lot of practical work
    Thank you!
    This helped me a lot in interviews.
    Was already for several;
    Yesterday one company sent me a job offer.
    Many thanks to the teachers for making me work so hard.

  17. Janna

    I wanted to express my gratitude for your training today.

  18. Nicolas

    Thanks guys . For sending me in the right direction.
    Already working .
    Special thanks for training me on аutomated testing – Selenium Webdriver on Java
    I’m already working on it.
    Not as scary as it seemed at the beginning of the course.
    Thanks again.
    Happy Holidays!

  19. Zambina

    Hooray. I got an amazing job offer.
    Thank you!!!
    I have recommended your institute to my friends.

  20. Gabrielle

    I take in this institute individual lessons on testing SOFTWARE QA ANALYST COURSE – SQA GENERAL
    It turned out to be not much more expensive than the group for more attention and opportunities.
    Thanks to the manager who suggested this to me.
    Now in the middle of the road.
    Today we started learning Java on the Selenium WebDriver . The teacher explains everything clearly, I hope that this will continue.

  21. Miller

    Thank you so much for helping me out with a job referral.

  22. Austria

    I appreciate everything you’ve taught me during this course.

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