Update for our classes policy

In response to the requests of our students and the evolving global landscape, we are excited to announce our transition to online classes. At QA Academy, we are committed to delivering exceptional training experiences, now accessible through private and group virtual classes. Rest assured, our curricula remain unchanged, and our virtual platform ensures seamless learning.

Connect with our experienced instructors through virtual video conferencing, maintaining the same level of professionalism and expertise that we are known for. While our physical office remains open by appointment for those who prefer in-person registration, we are fully equipped to support your learning journey remotely.

Established in 1997, QA Academy (formerly Software QA Training Center) has been a trusted provider of quality training in Toronto. With over two decades of experience, we have trained and placed more than 2000 students nationwide. We take pride in offering SQA courses grounded in real-life projects, ensuring practical learning experiences for our students.

Our comprehensive QA courses cater to various skill levels and requirements, including Basic Manual Testing, Advanced Software QA Specialist, SQA Analyst, and training in both Manual and Automated Testing Tools such as Selenium WebDriver and JIRA Bug Tracking. Additionally, we provide preparation for interviews and ISQT Exam Certification.

Why choose QA Academy?

  1. We are Toronto’s premier software testing teaching facility.
  2. Our curriculum is based on Real Life Projects, providing practical insights.
  3. Experience a Real Working Environment conducive to learning.
  4. Learn to test both Back End and Front End systems.
  5. Gain expertise in both Manual and Automated test cases.
  6. Benefit from personalized support including Resume preparation, Interview preparation, and Placement assistance.

For any inquiries or concerns about our policy or classes, please feel free to contact us at +1 (647) 875-7730. Join QA Academy and embark on your journey to success in Software QA Testing.

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