Selenium Web Driver Course- SQA Se Advance May 29th 2024

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This course provides comprehensive training in automation testing using Selenium WebDriver with Java. It covers Agile methodologies and test management with Jira, Java basics, practical web automation exercises, handling complex web UI, TestNG, Maven, Jenkins integration, data-driven testing, Page Object Model framework, and designing automation frameworks from scratch. Additionally, it includes database testing using MSSQL. Designed for manual testers, non-programmers, and fresh graduates, the course offers flexible schedules and interactive online sessions.

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This course outline seems comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics essential for someone looking to learn automation testing using Selenium WebDriver with Java. Here’s a breakdown of each section:

  1. Jira
    • Introduction to Agile and Test Management with Jira: Understanding Agile methodologies and how they are implemented in Jira for managing testing processes.
    • Jira Configuration: Setting up Jira for testing projects, configuring workflows, issue types, etc.
    • Zephyr Plugin: Introduction to the Zephyr plugin for Jira, which facilitates test management within Jira.
    • Creating Projects and Test Cases: Practical guidance on creating testing projects and test cases within Jira.
    • Test Execution: Understanding how to execute tests within Jira and track their progress.
  2. Selenium WebDriver with Java
    • Java Basics: Introduction to Java programming language essentials required for automation development.
    • Live Examples: Hands-on exercises demonstrating how to automate web applications using Selenium WebDriver in various browsers.
    • Handling Rich Web UI: Strategies for dealing with complex web user interfaces using advanced WebDriver techniques.
    • Real-Time Challenges and Solutions: Discussion on common challenges faced during automation testing and how to address them.
    • Live Projects: Practical projects where students can apply their knowledge of Selenium WebDriver.
    • TestNG: Introduction to the TestNG testing framework for Java, including its features and benefits.
    • Maven: Understanding Maven build automation tool and its integration with Selenium projects.
    • Jenkins: Setting up continuous integration with Jenkins for running automated tests.
    • Test Execution Reports: Generating reports for test execution results using various tools.
    • Data-Driven Framework: Implementing data-driven testing techniques for automation.
    • Page Object Model Framework: Designing and implementing page object model for better test maintenance and readability.
    • Framework Design from Scratch: Comprehensive guidance on building a robust automation framework using various technologies.
  3. Database or Backend Testing using MSSQL
    • Introduction to database testing methodologies.
    • Hands-on exercises with MSSQL for backend testing.

Target Audience:

  • Manual testers looking to transition into automation.
  • Non-programming testers interested in learning automation.
  • Fresh graduates aiming to start a career in IT, particularly in automation testing.

Course Schedule:

  • Various batches available to accommodate different schedules.
  • Each session is well-structured with a duration suitable for effective learning.

Delivery Format:

  • Live online video conference format ensures interactive learning with instructors.
  • No pre-recorded sessions, ensuring real-time interaction and support for students.

Overall, this course seems well-rounded and suitable for individuals at different skill levels, from beginners to those with some automation testing experience. It covers not only the technical aspects but also practical challenges and real-world application scenarios, which is crucial for developing practical skills in automation testing.

Course Schedule:

Saturday/Sunday batch

39 hours, 13 sessions, each session – 3 hours

Monday/Wednesday/Friday batch

39 hours, 20 sessions, each session – 2 hours

Monday to Friday batch  

39 hours, 13 sessions, each session – 3 hours

*The offered program can be modified depends on starting point.



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