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Master the art of automated testing with our Selenium WebDriver course. From Eclipse installation to Java programming essentials, this comprehensive training covers all aspects of Selenium WebDriver. Learn to navigate Object-Oriented Concepts, delve into web element identification with Locator Technologies, and explore Selenium Grid for parallel testing. With practical application on real projects like online banking, you’ll gain expertise in building frameworks and executing tests efficiently. Taught through live video conferences, our course ensures personalized learning without pre-recorded sessions. Join us to become a Selenium WebDriver expert!


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Our Selenium WebDriver course is designed to provide comprehensive training in utilizing Selenium WebDriver for automated testing. Covering essential tools, programming languages, and frameworks, this course ensures participants gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become proficient in Selenium WebDriver.

Course Overview:

  • ECLIPSE Installation: Setting up the Eclipse IDE for Java development.
  • Java Programming Language for Testers: Learning Java essentials tailored for automation testing.
  • Object-Oriented Concepts: Understanding classes, objects, constructors, methods, inheritance, and method overriding.
  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and JDK vs. JRE: Exploring Java runtime environments and compilation processes.
  • Web Driver Installation: Installing and configuring Selenium WebDriver for web automation testing.
  • Data Types and Variables in Java: Understanding Java data types and variables.
  • Basic Methods of WebDriver: Introduction to WebDriver methods for web element interaction.
  • Locator Technologies: Utilizing FireBug and FirePath for web element locators.
  • HTML Structure: Understanding the basic structure of HTML for effective web element identification.
  • Selenium Grid: Implementing Selenium Grid for parallel testing across multiple browsers and environments.
  • Cross-Browsing: Testing web applications across different browsers for compatibility.
  • Framework with Selenium: Building frameworks for efficient test automation, including data-driven and keyword-driven frameworks.

Course Delivery:

  • Format: Online live video conference sessions for interactive learning.
  • Duration: Flexible course duration with sessions adjusted based on participants’ progress.

Additional Information:

  • Practical Application: Training includes hands-on practice with real-world applications, such as an online banking project.
  • Tailored Learning: Course content can be adjusted based on participants’ starting point and individual needs.

By the end of this course, participants will emerge as experts in Selenium WebDriver, equipped with the skills and knowledge to automate web testing effectively. Our interactive, live video conference format ensures a dynamic learning experience with personalized support from our experienced instructors.

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  1. Boyce

    I highly recommend the Selenium Web Driver Course from SQA MBA Academy. It’s a comprehensive program that covers everything from the basics to advanced Selenium techniques, including practical projects like online banking. The live online sessions and flexible scheduling make it perfect for both new and experienced professionals. This course effectively prepares you for a career in automation testing, and I would definitely suggest enrolling if you’re looking to enhance your technical skills.

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