SQA – Automated Testing Tools Course

The course is designed for people knowing the Manual testing and wanted to upgrade their skills and learn Automated Testing Tools such as HP QTP(UFT) and Selenium. The most popular Testing Tools in North America market today are HP QTP/UFT and Selenium.
Today it is very difficult to find QA job without knowing Automated Testing Tools.
We offer both Selenium  and Selenium Web Driver training.
The course includes both VB-scripting and Java scripting based on Real Life projects.
HP QTP/UFT: Students will learn how to created data driven test, how to work with the Object Repository, how to create Verification Checkpoints, how to create user defined functions, how to work with the library, how to create output value and watch variables, and how to connect to the HP ALM to report defects.
Selenium: Students will learn how to create data driven test using XML files, how to create user defined function in WEB DRIVER, how to create Java scripts and use programming statements.
You will be expert in both HP QTP/UFT and Selenium Tools after completing our course!

Course Schedule:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday batch

20 hours, 10 sessions, each session – 2 hours

Saturday/Sunday batch

20 hours, 10 sessions, each session – 2 hours

    1. 1, 2,3,4,5  sessions- Automated Testing Tool HP QTP/UFT: Creating automated scripts in VB scripting for Online Banking application, working with Object Repository, Creating Checkpoints, Creating Data driven Test, Creating Output Values, Creating New Functions.
    1. 6,7,8,9 session – Selenium Creating automated scripts for Online Banking application, Creating Data Driven test using XML files.
      1. 10 sessions -Technical Interview Questions and Answers.
    *The offered program can be modified depends on starting point.