Business Analyst Course – BA


Our Business Analyst Course – BA offers comprehensive training in essential business analysis skills. Covering topics such as stakeholder management, requirements gathering, and lifecycle understanding, this 36-hour program equips participants with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in the field. With a focus on interactive learning and real-world application, including preparation for interviews and resume building, students gain valuable insights and practical experience. Taught via live online video conference sessions, this course provides flexibility and personalized support for each participant’s journey into the realm of business analysis.

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Fundamentals of Business Analysis

Course Overview

This course provides everything you need to kickstart your career in business analysis. With a total duration of 36 hours, participants will delve into essential topics, equipping them with the skills necessary for success in the field.

Course Schedule:

  1. Business Analysis

    • Gain insights into the fundamentals of business analysis, understanding requirements, and the pivotal role of a business analyst.
  2. Stakeholders

    • Explore the significance of stakeholders, their interests, and effective strategies for managing stakeholder conflicts.
  3. Lifecycles

    • Dive into various lifecycles including systems development, project, product, and requirement lifecycles, along with an overview of Seventh Morning’s Requirements Development Lifecycle.
  4. Forming Requirements

    • Understand the essentials of forming requirements, covering attributes, types, sources, and effective gathering techniques from stakeholders.
  5. Transforming Requirements

    • Learn techniques for transforming requirements, including stakeholder needs analysis, decomposition, and various notations like UML and BPMN.
  6. Finalizing Requirements

    • Master the art of presenting requirements, socializing them for acceptance, and prioritizing effectively.
  7. Managing Requirements Assets

    • Explore change control and tools essential for managing requirements assets efficiently.
  8. Preparation for the BA Resume and Interview

    • Receive valuable guidance and tips for preparing a standout resume and excelling in business analyst interviews.

Flexibility: The offered program can be tailored to accommodate individual starting points, ensuring personalized learning experiences for all participants.

Course Delivery: This course will be conducted via live online video conference sessions, allowing for interactive learning with real-time support from our experienced instructors. No pre-recorded sessions will be provided, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Enroll today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in business analysis!


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