Business Analyst Course – BA

Fundamentals of Business Analysis

Course Overview

This course provides everything you need to get started in your career in business analysis.
Course Schedule:

Total Course 36 hours

1. Business Analysis 

• Overview of Business Analysis
• Overview of Requirements
• Role of the Business Analyst

2. Stakeholders 

• Who are they? And why do they matter?
• Staskholder Interests
• Handling Stakeholder Conflicts

3. Lifecycles

• Systems Development Lifecycles
• Project Lifecycles
• Product Lifecycles
• Requirement Lifecycles
• Seventh Morning’s Requirements Development Lifecycle

4. Forming Requirements 

• Overview of Requirements
• Attributes of Good Requirements
• Types of Requirements
• Requirement Sources
• Gathering Requirements from Stakeholders
• Common Performance Documents

5. Transforming Requirements 

• Stakeholder Needs Analysis
• Decomposition Analysis
• Additive / Subtractive Analysis
• Gap Analysis
• Notations (UML & BPMN)
• Flowcharts
• Swim Lane Flowcharts
• Entity-Relationship Diagrams
• State-Transition Diagrams
• Data Flow Diagrams
• Use Case Modeling
• Business Process Mode ling

6. Finalizing Requirements 

• Presenting – 10 Tips
• Presenting Requirements
• Socializing Requirements and Gaining Acceptance
• Prioritizing Requirements

7. Managing Requirements Assets 

• Change Control
• Requirements Tools

8. Preparation for the BA resume, preparation for the interview

*The offered program can be modified depends on starting point.

This course will be taught in an online live video conference format. This means our course leads will be teaching in video call with our students- no pre-recorded sessions will be put forth