FAQ Software QA Manual Testing

Can I ask questions to the instructor?
Absolutely! You can ask questions during class and receive immediate answers. Outside of class, you can also reach out directly to the group chat, instructor, or assistant. Additionally, you’ll have constant access to lesson recordings and instructional materials for further review and study.
Is this course suitable for me if I have no experience in IT at all?
Yes, this program is designed for individuals with no prior experience or technical skills. Helpers and assistants are always available to support you, and lessons are recorded for your convenience. With instructional materials provided, you can comfortably undergo training and acquire new skills in the IT field.
Who is this course for?
This course caters to individuals without prior preparation or technical background who are interested in working in modern technology companies. Designed for effective learning, the course requires about 4 hours of free time per day and offers comprehensive training to help you acquire a new specialty.
How many people are in the testing group?
Several people are in the group. During the process, you will be divided into mini-groups of 4-6 individuals and assigned a mentor. They will help with your questions and conduct separate classes only for your mini-group. The mentor will give you assignments and assist in their completion if difficulties arise.
Where do I get experience for my resume?
During the training, you will work on a real commercial project, starting with easy tasks and progressing to more challenging ones. Utilizing Agile, Scrum, Jira, and Confluence methodologies, you’ll gain practical experience that will be valuable in interviews and on the job.
What does a 100% discount for spouses mean?
With the 100% discount for spouses, you pay for one person, and both you and your spouse study together. The condition is that you start the training simultaneously in the same stream, providing a unique opportunity for couples to learn together.
What materials and resources will be provided during the course?
You will receive all necessary educational materials, including lectures, textbooks, practical assignments, and projects. Additionally, you’ll have access to online resources, chats, and support from instructors and mentors, facilitating interactive learning and discussion with fellow students.
Will I receive a certificate upon completing the course?
Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate. However, during interviews, the focus is on your skills rather than the certificate, emphasizing the practical knowledge and expertise gained through the program.
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