TORONTO is becoming the new Silicon Valley

TORONTO is becoming the new Silicon Valley in the word in IT Industry.
One of the main directions in IT that dramatically developed in recent years in Toronto is the Software QA.
More that 15,000 positions are opened for Software QA Testers in Toronto and GTA and every day more positions are coming.

Today QA Analyst jobs

Today QA Analyst position in a huge demand on GTA market!
Many people finishing the Software QA Courses in Software QA centres get job within weeks after the course completion.
Many QA jobs are located in GTA, Brampton and Missisauga.
People getting jobs in banks, insurance companies, in CRM companies, in telecommunications.
In order to join IT industry, the QA position is the 1st step in order to get in.
Based on Statistics Canada, there will be huge demand in QA positions during 2018-2019.


Selenium Web Driver is Now the most powerful testing Tool in North America.
It is a free tool. That’s why is it widely used for many Software Companies in Brampton, Mississauga, North York.